Our Premium Basmati Rice with extra-long grains give an incredible look combined with its unique aroma, flavor and fluffy texture. The grains are non-sticky and ensures always loose and separate.

Our rice has been carefully cultivated in the Punjab area and watered by the rivers of Himalayas.

Our basmati rice is secret ingredient for many Arabic & Traditional dishes of Ethiopian cuisine.

We have 40+ SKU’s of basmati rice which capturing major share of the market.

We have complete range of basmati with following types; Premium Extra Long Grain 1121 Golden Sella, 1121 Golden Sella, 1401 Golden Sella, Premium Sharbati Golden Sella, Premium Biryani Golden Sella, 1121 Super Basmati Rice, 1121 Brown Rice with complete range of packing sizes including 40kg jute bag, 5kg jute bag, 5kg fabric bag, 5kg pouch bag, 5kg jar, 2kg jar, 1kg jar & 1kg pouch. Basmati is our core focus sector and we have competitive edge in Ethiopia market which no one can deny.